Ultimate Steak Buying & Cooking Guide

Remove the Guess Work to Cooking The Best Steak!

As a chef, how to cook a steak is my top 3 question for advice on. The thing is cooking steak is a very simple process but if you don't buy the right steak you will always end up with a underwhelming steak.

The information in this guide comes from 6 months of research of not only cooking the perfect steak but key identifers in buying the best steak every time.

This guide was exclusively for those who signed up for my "Perfect Steak Webinar" but now you can get this guide so you can avoid throwing away another steak.

What's Inside:

How to buy the best steak regardless of where you buy it from...

Primal cuts for steak guide....

Is grass fed beef better than grain fed?...

The different benefits of wet age vs dry age beef...

Determing the degrees of doneness...

When to add salt to your steak...

What are the benefits of resting your steaks?...

How cutting against the grain affects your steak...

Learn 3 different ways to cook a steak

18 Steak house recipes...

Steak Dictionary...

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