Eat better with less salt using the #1 low-sodium Cajun seasoning

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What's Savory New Orleans Seasoning?


Gluten Free

Sugar Free

No Preservatives

Low Sodium Seasoning

All Natural

12 oz. of damn good deliciousness

Let's confront the facts. Most Creole/Cajun seasoning is high in sodium, which just means they're cutting corners on quality herbs and spices. Savory Seasoning, however, draws it's rich, potent New Orleans flavor from a balanced helping of authentic herbs and spices without the high sodium substitutes.

Additionally, Savory Seasonings are not made with any fillers or anti-caking agents which are known to be synthetic.

You should be able to control the amount of salt that goes in your food.

Compare Savory New Orleans Seasoning to our competitors.

Nutritional facts serving size for 1/4 teaspoon:

Tony's Chachere: 350 mg

Slap Ya Mama: 310 mg

Lawry's: 380 mg

Lawry's Less Salt: 270 mg

Low Salt Tony's Chachere: 170 mg

Savory New Orleans Seasoning: 135 mg

Some manufactures of low sodium seasoning blends use sugar in place of salt. It may be less sodium but now it's more sugar.

You shouldn't waste your money on spices that leave more to be desired.

What can I use Savory

New Orleans Seasoning On?









Blend it with other herbs and spices to make your own spice mix.

Free USPS First Class Shipping Included

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What if I accidently placed an order with the wrong address?

Please double check your address and personal information prior to completing checkout. If you complete the transaction and realize that your address is incorrect, then immediately email us at, subject: Savory Seasoning and my team will assist you with updating your shipping information.

How long does it take for the product to ship?

The normal time for shipping after order placement is 24-48 hours.

I notice that free shipping is included. How is it shipped?

Yes, shipping is included in the price. Orders containing 1-2 seasonings are shipped via USPS First Class. Larger orders are shipped USPS Priority.

Are your seasonings packaged in the USA?

Yes, our seasonings are packaged in San Antonio, TX.

Can I do a bulk order?

Yes, the max you can buy online is 20 seasonings. For anything larger please contact us via email at

Are your seasonings safe for my food allegeries?

Always consult with your doctor if you have any health concerns regarding food allergies or medical conditions.

Can I mix other seasonings with Savory?

Savory is a great all-purpose seasoning, but if you want to beef it up by adding additional herbs and spices, you can. It's the perfect foundation for any recipe.

Why is the price $18.99?

Great question, when Savory NOLA Seasoning was first launched it was sold for $6.99 for 5 oz. Now you have 2.4 times more.

How long does it take to restock when taking back orders?

It normally takes us 7-10 business days to received a new shipment. Orders will be mailed out as soon as a new shipment is received. Shipments are processed in the orders received.

My 14 day money back guarantee.

I'm certain that you'll love our seasoning. If you're not happy with the seasoning, just send us an email at in 14 days and we'll issue you a full refund.

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Unfortunately, we cannot ship to your location at this time. Please update your shipping address and try again.


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