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New Orleans Chef & Instructor Kenneth Temple

Winner of Chopped, Author, NBA/NFL /MLB Chef

Would you believe I learned proper knife skills at home before I ever considered going to culinary school?

I was mesmerized at how efficiently my dad used his knife. Cooking never seemed to be a chore for him. He would prep, cook and be out of the kitchen in no time.

Many home cooks don’t realize proper knife skills is the first and most important step to being a good cook. When you truly know how to use your knives you level up in your cooking.

Proper knife skills improve safety, reduces hand fatigue, increases accuracy, ensures food cooks evenly, saves time, saves money, reduces cooking time and makes plates more beautiful.

People are paying extra money for pre-chopped ingredients, which are marked up a minimum of 30% compared to whole ingredients.

Knowing how to use a knife will save you tons of money.

*Diced onions

  • Price-$4.65
  • Unprepped price-$0.99
  • Markup-370%

*Washed /trimmed kale

  • Price-$11.67
  • Unprepped price-$2.80
  • Markup-317%

*Cut green beans

  • Price-$6.56
  • Unprepped price-$2.25
  • Markup-192%

*Oven ready potatoes

  • Price-$3.11
  • Unprepped price-$1.26
  • Markup-147%

**Shop Smart prices are per pound averages based on national statistics.

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That’s why I created this course to help you overcome any fear you have.

You don’t have to go to culinary school or be a pro to learn the proper way to use a knife. I’ve put my 10+ years of experience into this course so that you can feel confident about using your chef’s knife at home.

I call it, Hunger Trap Academy Knife Skills Course!

I am going to teach you how to use your knife with accuracy, technique, and finesse.

Here's What You'll Learn...

You’ll increase your speed in the kitchen...

The only 3 knives you’ll ever need...

How to properly slice and dice several fruit, vegetables and herbs...

A way to tenderize tough steaks...

How to break down a whole chicken in minutes...

And SO much more!

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Here's what's inside....

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Knife Safety

Learn what and what not to do with your knives so they last a lifetime. Also learn which knives is best for the job you have. ($50 Value)

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How to Cut Fruit

I'm going to show you how to properly slice or chop every fruit I was able to get my hands on. These techniques and tips work on a variety of fruit. ($50 Value)

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How To Cut Vegetables

The world is full of amazing vegetables and some can appear initmidating because of there shape. I'm going to show you how to break them down. ($50 Value)

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How to Cut Herbs

Herbs can be looked over by the home cook but they offer tons of flavor. Learn the difference between them and the best time to cut them. ($50 Value)

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How To 8 Piece a Chicken

Unless you are a vegeterian or vegan, chicken is on your plate. I'll show you how to cut a chicken in several pieces in under 2 minutes. ($50 Value)

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How To Devein and Peel Shrimp

America has a obsession with shrimp. You can pay extra for someone to do something that takes you seconds to do at home. ($50 Value)

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How to Filet a Fish

Fileting your own fish can be intimidating. Once you learn how it will give you a sense of pride. ($50 Value)

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Cutting Against the Grain

This one tip and technique will make a tough piece of beef tender like filet mignon. ($50 Value)

Claim Three Gifts With Your Order!

Today, when you purchase this course, we will also throw in these additional digital download bonuses.

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H.T.A. Knife Skills Guide

($60 Value)

This guide is a quick reference on holding a knife, basic cuts and everything you need to know about using knives.

H.T.A. Culinary Dictionary

($47 Value)

This will help you learn and understand a variety of spices, herbs, techniques and culinary terms.

H.T.A. Essential Tools

($47 Value)

This all the kitchen tools you'll need in your house and these are the same tools I use at home.

Get my Knife Skills Course for just $40!


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I know you are going to improve your knife skills after going through my course. However, if you do not see improvement in 30 days, I'll send back every penny you paid.

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Southern Creole E-Cookbook

Now, that you're embarking on your cooking journey, you need a book to draw inspiration.

Add my 1st published cookbook Southern Creole: Recipes from My New Orleans Kitchen to your order for $29.99.

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